Winter Services

MMD Winter maintenance Services
MMD's Winter Property Maintenance contract runs from November to March and plowing commences from the first snow fall to the last of the season. The contract can include driveways, parking lots, walkways, stairs, entrances and fire hydrants, and the option of de-icing materials such as salt or calcium chloride is available. MMD is also able to supply equipment for on-site relocation of snow or offer off site removal services if required.

Each vehicle in our fleet is current and equipped with a GPS recorder. Our equipment list also includes four Loaders at our disposal.

We have an excellent rapport with our suppliers based on our purchasing volume, perfect payment schedule, and length of business history. This proved invaluable during the winter of 2007's & 2008's salt shortages. Not only was MMD made a priority Customer, but combined with our storage capabilities at our Main Whitby yard of over 40 tonnes, MMD was still putting down salt at our customers even as the city needed to put down sand.

We have a full time office staff always on hand to answer your questions, as well as a 24hr call number which also provides customers with a Snow Report to proactively let you know how we are dealing with an event via email.

Summer 2009 saw the banning of Pesticides in Ontario to "Go Greener" and lower the landscaping industry's environmental footprint. Looking toward the future we at MMD are getting involved in a snow program to start effectively regulating the safe salt usage for the snow and ice management industry. The "Smart About Salt" (SAS) program is something we believe in and think our customers will too. Launched in January of 2008 by the Region of Waterloo, the program encourages private contractors and their customers to make a positive difference to our community and environment with the tools and resources to use salt more effectively and efficiently to keep sites safe. More information on this will follow in the months to come.

Use what we use-link Weather channel, Environment Canada, Accuweather and Intellicast. Or our back up plan if all else fails…someone is out in a truck 24 hours a day 7days a week for the winter months because your eyes are never wrong unlike a "professional" weatherman's forecast!