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About MMD
A Note from the General Manager

MMD Property Services was founded in the Durham region in the spring of 1997. We started off as a one truck operation with me at the helm alongside an already established lawn care company. Since then we have grown and changed a lot but the quality and consistency of work and service never has.

I started in the landscaping field in the summer of 1991 in the nation's capital. Sent to out in the summer, by my dad, to learn the value of a hard day's work, I began to learn about, and love, the property maintenance industry from a very high profile and respected company whose attention to detail and customer service practices I still strive to equal to this day. I worked every summer with them through high school and college until I began full time with MMD at its conception.

From early on we strived to be as professional a company as you will find in our field. We started having all employees in uniforms, beginning in house training and attending industry training programs for certification. Being members of Landscape Ontario for the green industry and SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association) for our winter operations which has benefitted us greatly to continue to learn, adapt, plan, and progress.

The summer of 2004 saw the greatest change for our company in its existence in the form of new owner Peter Hogenbirk. MMD was fortunate enough to become a division of Birk's Landscaping, a leader in the landscape construction sector in Durham since 1994. The relationship has added a much needed boost to the landscaping work we can provide for our customers and has allowed us to double in size, skill and service for the tough winter seasons we face.

Of all the changes over the years our winter work is really what I am most proud of, professionally. With great resources to pull from and a great deal of sound strategizing MMD is a leader in providing one of the most important emergency services for our customers during our tough Canadian winters. Initially when we started this business we were a summer company that plowed snow for extra revenue in the winter…now we really are a 12 month full service company where our 24 hour a day/7 days a week snow work is second to none.

Personally over the years nothing has made me prouder than the relationships I have gained being a part of this company and industry. From fellow employees to suppliers to competitors to (most importantly) our valued customers, all have made this journey for me fulfilling. Quite honestly I tell new customers now that although we are selling a service/product to them it is in fact more of a relationship we are starting.

MMD is committed to providing exceptional service carried out by our professional and knowledgeable crews. We strive to make your property stand out, and to make your property maintenance experience as stress free as possible. Honesty is key for me. I never promise more than we can deliver on and I never gouge my customers on pricing. Yearly and seasonally we know how much work we can take on to exceed expectations and not let perennial customers down by trying to grow in leaps and bounds.

At the end of the day I really am selling "piece of mind" for you and your property…and it is a job I take a great amount of pride and pleasure in.

Kelly Bernier
General Manager
MMD Property Services Inc.